Hot Water Treatment of Seedcane against Ratoon Stunting Disease - RSD.
For the Small, Medium and Larger Grower.

This continuous flow system has none of the drawbacks of bulk treatment systems.
The plant operates on a rotational system of small baskets of seedcane through a large volume of water.
The basket is a skeletal metal container into which the seedcane is placed. The seedcane is cut into 1 metre lengths and placed into the basket. The full basket of seedcane weighs approx. 75 kg. On each end of the basket is a handle enabling it to be carried easily by two men, or lifted by the electric winch. The baskets hang on two rails in the tank The basket of seedcane, being only about 2% of the volume of the tank, does not cause any appreciable drop in temperature upon insertion into the tank.
Once the tank has reached operating temperature, treatment is continuous. The cane stays in the water for only 2 hours, ensuring the highest possible germination rate.
The small baskets which allow free circulation of water around the stalks, and the high rate of circulation of the water in the tank  ensure that there are no hot or cold spots among the stalks, or in the tank.

The Upfold hot water plant is a stand-alone unit requiring a 30kW electricity supply and a supply of clean water.
The tank is well insulated, and is made of Corten steel plate, with welded in pipefitting of stainless steel, ensuring long life with minimal maintenance.


6 baskets per hour
Length....... 4 Metres
Width........ 1,3 Metres
Height....... 1,2 Metres
Mass......... 1200 kg.

Minimum requirements for a typical installation are:
A supply of clean water. The water will have to be changed after approx. 50 hours of treating, depending on how clean the cane is.
An electricity supply of 30 kW,  3 phase.
A shelter to protect the unit and the operating personnel from the weather.
This can be a roof, and one wall on the weather side. The roof must be high enough to clear the jib of the swivel crane
When positioning the tank in the shelter, the head of the tank (the end with the pump) must be about 1 to 2 metres from the wall. The electrical control panel will be mounted on this wall.