Sugar cane tip trailers.

Trailers for transportation of loose sugarcane.

These tip trailers have a mono-chassis design incorporating the bin of the trailer and the chassis, thus allowing the trailer to operate with out a sub-chassis.


The mono-chassis is attached to an A-frame by means of pins and bushes, the A-frame incorporates the draw-bar and mounting bracketing for the hydraulic ram.

The trailers bin sheeting is manufactured of hard abrasion resistant steel, to reduce wear on the inside of the bin and to give added strength to the trailer.

The trailers are in use throughout the South African sugar industry, mainly for the purpose of forwarding cane to a zone and re-loading onto a haulage rig.
The same trailers are also used for various other applications such as the transportation of refuse, rubble, quarry, timber and for transporting seedcane.
The trailers are offered with or without road worthy documentation, depending on the clients application.

Unicab offers various sizes of trailers as viewed below:

5 ton sugar cane tip trailer

sugarcane trailer sugarcane trailer

7 ton cane tip trailer

sugarcane trailer

sugarcane trailer

9 ton double axle walking beam cane tip trailer

sugar cane tip trailer sugarcane tip trailer

Tip trailers are available in custom sizes if required.

6 ton Sidestack Cane Selfloader.

6 Ton Sideloader cane trailer

7 ton cane tip trailer

rearloader cane trailer

8 ton bundle cane trailer.

8 ton bundle cane trailer

30 Ton Tandem Spiller Bar Cane trailer.

30 Ton Spiller Bar cane trailer

Truck Drawn Cane Trailer

35 ton truck drawn cane trailer

36 ton Interlink cane trailer.

36 Ton interlink cane trailer

4 Axle drawbar cane trailer.

4 axle drawbar cane trailer

Rigid cane body.

Rigid cane body